How to set up a CDN hostname?

If you want to add Custom CDN for your Stream, you need to set up its CDN hostname. This CDN hostname will be the domain that a CDN will use to deliver your video content from your origin to the end-users.

Obtain CDN hostname

If you are using your own CDN/cloud infrastructure, you can identify the hostname being the domain that is used as a source of your video content.

Below, is an example on how to obtain the CDN hostname for AWS S3.

First, log in to your AWS S3 account, then look for the location of your HLS video files, and finally open the main m3u8 file.

On the m3u8 page, copy the URL by clicking the ‘Copy’ (paper) icon beside the ‘Object URL’ (e.g.

The domain name (e.g. will be the CDN hostname.

Different CDN/cloud providers have different ways to obtain this domain. You may also contact your Cloud/CDN provider to identify this domain.

Also, we highly recommend having at least 2 CDNs available. In case, you only have 1 CDN, Mlytics can help you to set up your Multi CDN infrastructure.

Input the CDN hostname on Stream CDN configuration

Once you obtained the CDN hostname/s, you can input the CDN and its corresponding hostname on CDN configuration.

For Assets, navigate to ‘Stream’ > ‘Assets’, scroll to the ‘CDN Configuration’ section, and click the ‘Add CDN’ button.

For Live Streams, navigate to ‘Stream’ > ‘Live Streams’, select a stream name, then scroll to the ‘CDN Configuration’ section, and click the ‘Add CDN’ button.

Scroll down to the ' Custom CDN' section. 

In this section, input the CDN (e.g. AWS) and its Hostname (e.g. on their corresponding fields.

You may click the ‘ Add Custom CDN’ button to add another Custom CDN/s.

Finally, click the ‘ Add CDN’ button to finish the setup.